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MY UMUNNA FORUM is about You and your Umunna (Your Igbo community in the Igbo homeland, Ala-IGBO and in the diaspora). It is about You and your Umunna’s struggle to get meaning and value out of life as Igbo as you live according to CHI UKWU’s template, Omenala to get the most out of your life as Igbo.

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Ome N'Ala

Umunna are a form of patrilineage maintained by the Igbo race. Law starts with the Umunna which is a male line of descent from a founding ancestor (who the line is in most occassion named after) with groups of compounds containing closely related families headed by the eldest male member. A strong micro government in Igbo land. It is very powerful and wields great influence amongst the people. Responsible for settling disputes among members of the community and inter communities. they’re responsible for giving out ladies for marriage etc.

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